Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rainy Tuesday Morning

After looking at all of my normal newspapers online & then some small weeklies in Wisconsin, I have to say there's nothing you need to know that you already don't know. Plus it's raining, so I feel like doing even less than I normally do. Kind of nice, actually. The trees are finally leafing out, the trilliums are blooming in the woods, the narcissus & daffodils are blooming, as are the pin & choke cherries. The rhubarb is up & dark green, the garlic has pushed through the thick straw carpet, & the bunching onions are up. But the gray skies also reflect my pissed-off mood. I am very unhappy about a post from Daily Kos about "women's issues", namely abortion. He has this unbelievably stupid post about how pro-choice supporters are going to lose the Rhode Island senate election for the Democrats. Good night, has he, too, taken the kool-aid? Doesn't he realize that this attitude is exactly why Kerry did not post an overwhelming win? I am so sick & tired of people who claim to be Democrats saying these increasingly divisive things. It's Kos' attitude that loses elections, not the supporters of the constitutional right to an abortion. Wake up Kos, before you cost us even more elections.

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