Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Remember 2008

I screwed up the cut/paste thing with this post, & since I notepadded the thing awhile ago I don't remember where it came from. If anyone knows, tell me & I'll do the right thing.

Therefore, Norm Coleman is forever known as "Asshat Man".

Just think of the "Batman" television theme with its very, very complicated lyrics and replace "Batman" with "Asshat" everytime you see Norm Coleman (R-Minn) on the TV braying about the United Nations and Kofi Anan.

And don't forget his little sidekick, Boy Blunder, aka Rich Lowry famous for timely National Review Cover Stories....

So whenever there is a story about missing Iraqi millions, especially that lost by the coalition don't forget to light the Asshat Signal, it is what the Commissioner would want you to do.

POW!, BAM!, Uff'DA!

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