Monday, May 09, 2005

Asininity & Goose Crap

Fun from the Grantsburg, WI, newspaper. I'm in blue, Mr. Ryan Walsh is in black.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005
POLITICAL WISDOM - Asininity in action
By Ryan Walsh

For about a month now, Senate Democrats, with the tacit cooperation of a few affectedly “moderate” Republicans, have mounted incessant attacks on John Bolton, Bush’s nominee for ambassador to the UN.

Let’s always put moderate in parentheses when it describes Republicans. We all know, like Ryan, that there is no such thing as a moderate Republican. That’s why we call them ReThuglians. Tell it like it is, Ryan. Asininity in action, or not.

Just when it seemed like the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would approve him and move the nomination to a floor vote, the pro-Bolton alliance of ten Republican Senators crumbled.
Out of nowhere, committee member George Voinovich, R-Ohio, dropped his support and insisted that an exhaustive investigation of Bolton’s record take place before a formal vote.
Richard Lugar, the committee chairman, looked as though he had just been hit by a charter bus but had miraculously survived. I guess he didn’t take the time before the meeting to ensure that all ten Republicans would vote Bolton out of committee. To put it bluntly, the Republicans looked like a bunch of amateurs.

The ReThugs looked like amateurs because one of their number had an attack of conscience? My, my. Ryan is right about how it came out of nowhere, ReThugs rarely have an attack of conscience. In fact, they’'re amateurs at it. Just hope you are not around a bunch of ReThugs if there is a charter bus in the vicinity.

So what is it about John Bolton that has spawned some Republican “concern” and rallied Democrats in staunch, unanimous opposition?

Good grief, John Bolton is the son of Spawn? I never knew.

To them, it’s Bolton’s pattern of behavior, which — thoroughly documented and impenetrable to charges of error — repeatedly demonstrates instance after instance in which Bolton has exposed his unscrupulous, headstrong, impudent, and megalomaniac tendencies.

If it’s thoroughly documented, what the hell are you complaining about, Ryan? I'’d be worried about those “impenetrable charges”, though. They sound, well, electrical, if you know what I mean. If this is your idea of sarcasm, try harder next time, OK?

From this allegation, the Democrats then make the case that each of these characteristics, when packed together in one man’s persona, constitutes a much more appalling flaw that makes Bolton unworthy of his appointed position.
If it’s thoroughly documented...see above. That reference to “persona” sounds vaguely European to me. Shame on you Ryan.

Indeed, according to Democratic Senator Chris Dodd, it makes him almost “indictable.”

Almost is good enough for me.

It is, ladies and gentlemen, his meanness. Democrats are apparently implementing a new litmus test on nominations: if you want the job, you have to be a nice, pleasant fellow.

Heaven help us if Bush appointed a nice, pleasant fellow. Everything would be destroyed. Mars would invade. Bass would rule the world. I need my meds.

Let’s look at the case against Bolton: His critics claim that Bolton once intimidated and threatened to fire a State Department official that disagreed with him. Here’s the real story. Bolton was preparing a draft speech that, among other things, would mention that certain intelligence had suggested that Cuba was looking into biological weapon program a position consistent with the State Department’s conclusions. Yet, immediately before Bolton’s speech was sent to the CIA for review, State Department analyst Christian Westermann attached a cover letter deceitfully stating that the Bureau of Intelligence and Research disagreed with Bolton’s findings. When Bolton finally heard about what had happened, he had Westermann brought in his office to explain himself. Westermann then lied straight to Bolton’s face, denying that he had attached the cover letter. Understandably, Bolton was a little ticked off. To paraphrase what Brit Hume noted on Fox News Sunday, most of us would have thrown Westermann out the window.

Anything Brit Hume says must be the truth, its Fox News after all. Ryan also has his story almost right. Bolton wanted to change the intelligence to fit the story from the State Department. The analyst stated that Bolton was wrong. It seems that Ryan & the ReThugs have a problem with a little things called facts. Oh, Bolton tailoring intelligence to fit his ideology is not deceitful according to Ryan, the analyst’s facts are deceitful.

After this story hit the presses, all sorts of other bureaucrats who claimed Bolton had once “bullied” them came forward. Someone named Lynne Finney says that Bolton once yelled at her, too. But one look at her website would persuade even the most sanguine minds that Finney is a certifiable weirdo.

Hey Ryan, provide some facts about Lynne Finney’s weirdnesses, OK. I can’'t just accept things like you do. I haven'’t had the kool-aid. Of course, when one brave person comes forward, others may follow, but Ryan doesn’'t like that. & of course, being yelled at is a good thing. It builds character or something.

A third complaint came from Melody Townsel, a self-described liberal Democrat and founder of a chapter of Mothers Opposing Bush. She claims Bolton once lost his cool and threw a file at her.
Of course, I’m sure no one in Washington could relate to dealing with his or her subordinates in such a manner.

Ryan is a self-described conservative Republican (OK, I changed it, he’'s young.) & a founding member of Grantsburgians Against Goose Crap. I made that up, but it was fun. & of course, Ryan, if everyone else was jumping off the Washington Monument, all of us should.

While the Democrats’ case against Bolton may appear to focus only on his personality, it really centers on Bolton’s attitude toward the UN.
He believes, more than anything else, that the UN needs reform. Considering the Oil-for-Food scandal, Paul Volcker’s independent investigations (highly critical of Kofi Annan), the Security Council’s failure to intervene in the Sudan slaughter, the reprehensible behavior of UN peacekeepers in the Congo and Morocco, and countless other disgraces, most of us would agree with Bolton.

O, contraire Ryan, he wants to blow the top floors off the U.N building. Very Tim McVeigh you & Mr. Bolton.

Bolton, to his credit, isn’t about pleasing the foreign policy establishment.

That'’s right, the hell with the educated classes. The hell with the experienced foreign service people. They aren'’t ideological enough. They don’'t lie or bend the intelligence enough to fit the Bush plan.

In 1992, he successfully marshaled an effort to repeal the UN’s notoriously hateful “Zionism is Racism” resolution. Around 10 years later, he assembled a multilateral coalition behind the Proliferation Security Initiative, a treaty responsible for the capturing of Libyan WMDs.
Captured? I don’t think so.

For his attitude, his accomplishments, and his policies, Bolton ought to be approved. If someone’s feelings get hurt as a result, oh well.

That’'s right, we must support his attitude & not care about anyone’'s feelings, because they'’re stupid & weak. So, here’'s an attitude - shut up & grow up Ryan. Get a job & support a family on your attitude. Wait a minute, that’'s the nuclear option I think. OK, then, I have an attitude so I must be right. But I’'m not a ReThug (I changed back, OK? & if you don’'t like it I’'m going to chase you down the hall of a motel & throw things at you). So I can’'t be right. But I want to be write, no right, no I want to be Ryan, shut the hell up, where are your, eh, my, meds? Good night Gracie.

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