Monday, May 02, 2005

My Brush With Fame, Via The Kid

This article appeared in yesterday's Star-Tribune. My kid is best friends with the Melissa, mentioned below. I met T.R. Knight at Melissa & Brandon's wedding. Ah, the reflected glow of the bright lights of L.A.

"CJ: An M.D. on TV, T.R. makes rounds on visits home
C.J., Star Tribune
May 1, 2005 CJ0501

Housewives don't rule Shirley Knight's new Sunday night TV ritual; doctors do.

Knight's son T.R. Knight plays Dr. George O'Malley on ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy.'

'It's fun having him on a show that people like,' said Knight, who works at Park Nicollet Clinic. 'He had been on a sitcom called 'Charlie Lawrence.' ' Don't know it? 'Ohhhh, and there's a reason. They made six or seven, with a pilot, and showed two before they pulled it. It was CBS, with Nathan Lane.'

'He lived in New York for five years, and then he just went to L.A.' T.R. didn't have to pound the pavement long before landing the show, co-starring the inestimable Sandra Oh.

T.R. got his acting start in Guthrie productions of 'A Christmas Carol.'He was like 5, 6 and 7 when he played Tiny Tim. That was just a fluke that he started as Tiny Tim,' Shirley said. 'This is a lot better.'

A receptionist/secretary in the physical therapy area, Mom isn't a TV person. 'I've just got too much else to do,' she said. She was once a day-care provider, which gives T.R. a huge built-in audience with metro's under-14 set.

T.R. has been in Minneapolis a couple times in the past few months, once as a surprise. 'I was in the hospital for just a couple days. All of a sudden, there he is. He flew in for like four hours, maybe six hours, and he had to go back, but he was so sweet.'

He also has to visit his brother, Danny; sister, Melissa, and nephews Alexander, 2 months, and Benjamin, 3, Uncle T.R.'s biggest fan. 'We miss him when he's gone,' said Mom.

Knight said that her late mom, Malinda, believes she was first to start calling Theodore Raymond, both family names, T.R. 'I thought we started that from a few months old. We'll just give her credit.'"

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Anonymous said...

It has come to light that Shirley was misquoted more than once in this short item. The columnist seems to do this a lot. Witch.