Friday, February 04, 2011

Sean Duffy Claims A Bipartisan Vote In The House Called For Repeal Of HCR

I'll never get over the embarrassment of saying this Sean Duffy, my, ugh, Representative in Washington, claims that the vote in the House to repeal HCR was bipartisan.  Here are the official numbers:
...the House voted 245 to 189 Wednesday to repeal President Obama’s signature domestic achievement – health-care reform.
For Democrats, it’s a chance to defend their legacy, including within their own ranks. In the 2010 elections, moderate Democrats took a pounding on health-care reform, but Wednesday most rallied with their own leadership to oppose repeal of a reform they once opposed. Three voted for repeal: Reps. Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, and Mike Ross of Arkansas.
I know my loyal five (yes,5!)have lots to do so I'll do the math: all the ReThugs voted for repeal, that's 242 of the slimy, heartless bastards.  189 members voted against repeal, every single Democratic member voted against it, except for the three idiots mentioned above.  & seeing where these guys are from, it's no wonder.  I'm sorry but I am an elitist, I read books & stuff.

So, I'm not astonished by the disingenuousness of Sean Duffy's assertion that the vote was bipartisan.  I suppose a vote where 97.8% of the voters agreed would be a bipartisan vote to Mr. Duffy.  I would say that the 2.2% of the voters that did not vote were racist idiots - this was the vote percentage Henry Aaron received on his first ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame.  If I were a baseball junkie, thankfully I'm not, even if I remember where I was sitting when he hit the home run that established a new record, I'd be pretty embarrassed.  Then again, Sean Duffy is not me so he won't be embarrassed by making inane statements about bipartisan votes.  Those three "Democratic" Representatives are DINOs & Mr. Duffy knows it. I responded to Mr. Duffy's email, actually an image.  Also, you can't just hit the reply tab, you have to find his other email addy & send that as a reply. 

The big question, of course, is whether Sean Duffy refused to accept the government sponsored, government financed health insurance he now gets.  I hope he followed his principles & refused it, although I will not be holding my breath on this one.

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nonheroicvet said...

Sean Duffy is a poophead.

On the bright side - only 23 days until the first spring training game in Phoenix.