Sunday, February 06, 2011

I Getting More Pumped Up, In An Odd Sort Of Way - I'm Watching Puppy Bowl VII, But Also There Is This Important Info I'd Like You To Act On

Via, this interesting video of an non-contacted tribe tries to do the impossible - show us that people are living who have had no contact with other cultures, at all & clearly not with the dominate, capitalist culture that appears to dominate much of South America, particularly when it comes to shareholder value. I don't doubt for a minute that the Koch brothers are involved with this logging. After you click on the link a the video with start, watch it & when it's done a petition will show itself on your screen, put your name & email address on it & click the submit button. It's easy, I did it without breaking a sweat. Be smart about giving away your bank numbers or Social Security number, but stop worrying about your privacy, face it none of us has much of that left anymore & with the ReThugs controlling everything in my state of Wisco, I wonder if we will have much privacy in our homes anymore. Just if you're wondering, in the video, the scientist who is asking for help has been monitoring this tribe for some time. I was reminded of that episode in Star Trek: The Next Generation where a group of scientists are exposed (I think one of there holographic machines exploded & the rock they are behind disappeared) & ultimately the locals think Picard is a god or something. I did notice one of the people videoed ran towards the helicopter & raised his spear in defiance. I glad he scared the helicopter away. The gist of all this is that some may argue that this group of people should no longer be considered "non-contacted, I'm not going to take that up. After all, today is the day the Packers will win their fourth Super Bowl. BTW, is good & you should sign up for their emails.

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Preliminary data shows that the Packers should win Best Hair.