Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scum Is Too High A Praise For Shawna Forde

I do not support the death penalty, though this awful women tested my resolve. I am still against the death penalty, but this right-wing piece of trash, Shawna Forde, in a just world, would be locked up forever, with no chance of parole & made to listen to a little 9 year old girl beg for her life 16 hours a day. Murdering Shawna Forde, despicable as she is, won't bring back the child, Brisenia or her father, Raul.

UPDATE:  Hat tip to Shutterwi for pointing out what needed to be corrected  in the last line. I was so excised about the whole Forde deal that I didn't proofread. I apologize to the family of the father & daughter.

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