Monday, February 07, 2011

Everything Reagan Touched Turned To Shit, Except Maybe For His Son, Ron, Jr.

Colin Powell, I'll repeat Digby's statement - why is this man still considered a man of dignity?  Someone to be trusted, believed?  I find this story to just a perverted tale of slavery.  Powell became the latest man of color to be humilated by the forces of reaction, a man so convinced of his place in the heart of the administration that he became easy to exclude.  I felt sorry for him once, not any more.  He had a chance to become a great man, instead, well, you con fill in the descriptor.  Reagan made Powell his National Security Advisor.  & he turned an honorable, hard-working military man into crap, into what appeared at the United Nations & lied to the whole world.  I no longer feel sad for him, like most of us he made his decisions alone, now he needs to live with them, just like most of us.

The fact that he is still considered a serious person, worthy of great respect as an elder statesman is yet another example of the American elite class being completely unaccountable legally, professionally and socially. There is, apparently, nothing they can do that will lose them their exalted place in our culture.

Digby is so correct about America's elite class.  What is equally correct is that America has become a class society & I don't mean a class act, IYKWIM.  & the fact that Powell has not been held accountable publically for what he lied about & about the damage he did to the country is one more atrocity.  


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nonheroicvet said...

On TV some are calling Reagan an American Icon. He was no such thing,he was a grade B actor and a politician.

Marilyn Monroe was an American Icon. She was a grade B actress with other attributes.