Sunday, February 06, 2011

Packermania Is Building In coldH2Owiville, But Let's Remember Why We Should Not Deify Reagan

It ought to offend every thinking American that the government named a building after this addled tool of General Electric - yes, he was a Manchurian Candidate of the corporatist right wing.  Some guy on PBS first suggested the comparison, I don't remember his name, I was watching, as it were, very late one night or very early one morning.  This excerpt from the link is all you need to know about who Reagan was & how he "thought" about the world.
6.  Reagan is the president who attacked the democratically elected government of Granada under the guise of its being a communist ally of Cuba's Fidel Castro; none of which was true. Granada, under President Bishop was a socialist island, with only a local sense of community with the other countries of the Caribbean, but was no military ally of Castro. Also, Reagan and his liars said there was an airport that could take Russian and Cuban jets, which was not true. Some of us who were part of the Third World Journalists, went to Grenada; the airport was barely able to take a two-engine propeller plane, let alone a jet of any sort, especially a fast-flying fighter plane that would need a long runway! In this attack on Grenada, Reagan killed the whole government as well as the 15-20 policemen who kept order on the Island because Grenada had no special armed forces to fight against the American invasion. Incidentally, several Americans were killed during accidents on landing and parachuting into the island. Ironically, after the invasion and takeover of Grenada, Reagan and his foppy non-combat general, Alexander Haig, stood together and declared, "America is back!" As if killing Grenada wiped out our defeats in Korea and Viet Nam.
My emphases.  &  even if the government of Granada forged, with it's 20 now dead policemen, a military alliance with Fidel Castro, so fucking what? 

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