Monday, February 09, 2009

Vitter Bitter Over Newest Challenger

"A Storm's A Brewin..."

Looks like that asshat hypocrite David Vitter is going to get some competition for his Senate seat. Some folks are pushing for Stormy Daniels to run against Vitter next year. I initially was going to link to Ms. Storm's personal website, but after viewing the opening page & pondering whether or not I'm 18 years of age of older, I decided that Ms. Daniels' website may insult my loyal four readers, or maybe they would stop reading me because I would appear to be a heterosexual pervert. Hey now, Sen. Vitter would think I was a pervert, & of course, anyone who wears diapers as an adult ought to know a pervert when he sees one. I suppose the next thing the dork will pass around is that he had a medical condition the required the use of diapers. Yeah, well, that ought to work. If you think Ms. Daniels has a snowball's chance in Baton Rouge, go sign the petition urging her to run.

OK folks, time to make a choice.

Sen. David Vitter

Or one Ms. Stormy Daniels

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

WOW!....and that's the extent of my comments.

I see nothing good coming from a further revision and extension of my comments.

coldH2O said...

It's good to have a commenter completely understand.

Anonymous said...

Who says politics is show business fur ugly people? And I don't mean that poop head Vitter.