Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'm Confused

How does a pediatrician have the time to do so much business cooking? While a person can certainly do whatever she likes to do, I actually think the following should have disqualified her brother from any position.
Monica Turner, Mr. Steele’s sister and an ex-wife of the former boxer Mike Tyson....
My emphasis. I mean, really now, come on, for cripe's sake. Here's the pediatrician in question, before the divorce, I presume.

Here's more on the story from Black Political Thought. A question asked & answered, quite nicely.
This begs the question of why he was elected as the chairman when he has faced allegations of mishandling of campaign money in prior elections and was twice fined for missing filing deadlines. They selected him because they wanted to make a statement -- a black man is the chairman of the RNC to match President Obama's historic ascent to the presidency. So what? This clearly isn't the right person for the position and with that dark cloud over his head, he should be the last person to criticize President Obama.
My emphasis. & that's from a self-described "...daily dose of conservative commentary...." A daily dose, heh, heh. Oh, sorry, I was thinking of the clap or something. Reading conservative ??thought?? always does that to me, sorry, I'll get my feet out of the gutter now.

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