Friday, February 20, 2009

Snooks Eaglin, R.I.P.

Damn, another death, another obit.
A set by the "Human Jukebox" could range from Beethoven's "Fur Elise" to Bad Company's "Ready for Love."


...but the Mid-City Lanes became Mr. Eaglin's preferred venue. "He's an irreplaceable guy," Blancher said. "And he wouldn't travel, so if you wanted to see Snooks you had to come to Rock 'n 'Bowl."

During the 2000 Jazz Fest, Bonnie Raitt showed up at the Mid-City Lanes to hear Mr. Eaglin. He exclaimed from the stage, "Listen to this, Bonnie! You gonna learn something tonight, girl!" She later lent a hand by replacing a broken string on his guitar.


Blancher was among the few music industry figures that Mr. Eaglin allowed to visit his house. But he was unaware of the guitarist's deteriorating health. Blancher learned in January that Mr. Eaglin had been battling prostate cancer.

Mr. Eaglin checked into Ochsner Medical Center last week. With regret, he told his stepdaughter, Carolyn Gioustover, "I've got to call Quint Davis and tell him I won't make it to Jazz Fest."

He went into cardiac arrest Tuesday.

Mr. Eaglin often said his mother took care of him until his wife took over. He died on his mother's birthday.
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Mr. Eaglin was known for picking strings with his thumb nail. He played and recorded with New Orleans musicians including Professor Longhair, the Wild Magnolias and others. Blind from the time he was a young child, Mr. Eaglin was a self-taught musician who learned to play the guitar by listening to the radio. Playing the guitar with his thumb nail allowed him to perform very fast, Mr. Davis said.

Snooks Eaglin with George Porter Jr. - I Just Cried Oh [1/6]

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