Sunday, February 08, 2009

Your Liberal Media

This article begins:
FOR the backers of Proposition 8, the state ballot measure to stop single-sex couples from marrying in California, victory has been soured by the ugly specter of intimidation.
My emphasis, but it gets worse as it goes along. The poor folks who donated to that awful, hateful Prop 8 don't like the clean, sunny air to disinfect their sordid homophobia. If you can read that opening paragraph & not know what the author, Brad Stone, believes, well...opaque government to you too. When we talk about the great whine of the west, we can add open democracy to the list of complaints about big guvmint - grazing rights, drilling rights, those annoying Native Americans. What gets me is that if Prop. 8, or any other cause, is worthy of your check, why shouldn't it be worthy of your name? These donor list laws do an invaluable service in the support of honest, open democratic government. Just because you donated to a hate amendment should not give you the right to anonymity, any donation carries with it the assumption that something is being purchased, & since the election is a government's business, those who opted to purchase influence need to be named. These morons ought to be proud of their donation, if they actually believe the bullshit that is spread about marriage. These conservatives like to whine rather than stand up.

Again, we really don't have much of a liberal media, get Brad Stone's word choice in this paragraph:
Mr. Clare said the site perverts the meaning of disclosure laws that were originally intended to expose large corporate donors who might be seeking to influence big state projects.
Perverts indeed! My emphasis.

BTW, here is the LINK to the Prop 8 Maps. If you haven't already been there, do it now & see if the friendliest guy on your block is a secret hater. Then do something about it. Please, no violence, we're Americans after all. Again, let's see if we can get some of Wisco's haters to start crying about the mean, old (in my case, anyway) bloggers & roving gangs of lesbians that are making their lives hard, I tell you, hard. Unless, of course, the aforementioned hard(ness) is penile/clitoral in designation. Then never mind. Watch out for those pink Charter Arms pistols, however, I here they shoot real straight.

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