Monday, February 02, 2009

Screw You, Phil

& thanks for nothing.

May I humbly suggest this culinary masterpiece for today's supper?


* This recipe came from the Mountin(sic) Makin's in the Smokies Cookbook. The note above the recipe states that this recipe was received from someone's mother-in-law.
* Ground Hog
* spicewood branches
* salt, pepper to taste
* flour
* bacon greese(sic) or 1/2 cup shortening


1. Dress and cut it up. Put in pot, then bring to boil. Break up spicewood branches and put in pot with meat. Boil until meat is tender. Remove; then salt and pepper; then roll in flour; put in 1/2 cup shortening, preferably bacon grease. Then put in oven and bake until it is brown.


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