Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why Won't Corporations Like Murphy Oil Just Do The Right Thing?

Murphy Oil has ties up here in the northern part of Wisco, ties that also want to dig 800 through bedrock to get at some taconite ore. This is going to occur, of course, near the headwaters of the Bad River in northern Wisco. At the other end of the Mississippi River watershed (I know, the Great Divide occurs a few miles south of billycreekville, so sue me.) Murphy Oil is making money, but not making many friends.
The suit was filed Friday at U.S. District Court in New Orleans by the Concerned Citizens Around Murphy.

The group contends that the refinery has violated the Clean Air Act more than 130 times since 2003 by releasing pollutants such as sulfur dioxide at rates exceeding the company's emission permits.

"We only have a few big industries" in the parish, he said. "We need them. We appreciate them. All we're asking is for them to comply with the regulations."
What a quaint idea, corporations actually obeying the law & understanding why it is a law.

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