Friday, November 14, 2008

Joe LIEberman Must Go - 2

First it was Sen. Leahy who spoke for millions of hard-working, law-abiding, honest Democrats. Now, the one-&-only Sen. BERNIE Sanders adds his great voice in not only calling Joe LIEberman out, but also demanding that the Democratic Caucus not reward this traitor with a major committee chairmanship. If LIEberman somehow weasels his way into a chairman's role, it will be a huge disappointment to all who worked hard for Sen. Obama & for the millions & millions who voted for him. Here's BERNIE:
"Appointing someone to a major post who led the opposition to everything we are fighting for is not 'change we can believe in,'" Sanders continued. "I very much hope that Senator Lieberman stays in the Democratic caucus and is successful in regaining the confidence of those whom he has disappointed. This is not a time, however, in which he should be rewarded with a major committee chairmanship."

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