Saturday, November 15, 2008

J.B. Van Hollen's Ego Is Out Of Control

I've always know J.B.'s been a jerk, but his tenure as Wisco's AG has been downright stupid. What's going on at the state's Justice Dept., anyway? It certainly has become an ideologue's wet dream. Maybe we could get Van Hollen to hire the few idiot right wingers left in Wisco. That way they'd all be in one place; it will be easier to keep track of the dorks, plus Wisco's Supreme Court is in MadTown, so their rulings to overturn just about every nakedly partisan lawsuit brought by J.B. can be easily dismissed. I haven't forgotten the two ethically & criminally & intellectually challenged Justices - Gableman, the Crook & Ziegler, who just couldn't keep her hands off cases related to her husband's businesses. &, continuing the tradition of not doing any real discipline, the court slapped Ziegler, very gently, on the wrist. Hopefully the court won't be so damned timid with the criminal Michael Gableman.

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Anonymous said...

I must disagree with Mr Creek in that I believe we have a very good supply of idiot right wingers in WI.