Sunday, November 30, 2008

One Dead Doe

For those of you who are interested: I went out Friday afternoon & sat in the blind that I set up in my front yard. About an hour into this hunt (cough, cough, & I'm not being checked for hernias) a good sized doe walked by. I moved my rifle up to shooting position but made a small noise as I clicked (see what I mean) the safety off & she turned & looked right up at me. I was sure this deer was about to take off, so I took the front-on shot, a shot I really didn't want. I fired & for some crazy reason she dropped right there, just like on the teevee. She was kicking her front legs, so I took another shot & hit her in the neck again & this finished her off. There will be venison in the coldH2O's home this winter. The gun deer season ended today. Tomorrow we get a one week muzzle loader season. I just paid off my muzzle loader, a style of gun I have never used, last week. Hopefully I can pick the rifle up & the scope will be mounted. Then I'll sit in that blind in my yard & wait for a buck, a doe, & another doe to walk by. I do have three tags left, an antlered tag & two doe tags. But I must beg you, my loyal four readers, to have some decency & not call me Dead-Eye Dick, thanks in advance.


Shutterwi said...

Why would I call you that you didn't shoot the deer in the face.

By the way as one of the loyal four readers I will attest to the fact is was a nice shot on a very big doe.

Of course the second shot was totally unnecessary......Dick.....a...a....a coldh2o.

Anonymous said...

Thats one way to save the doe from wolves. Unlike wolves, I will be over with onions, skillet, lard and lipitor.