Sunday, October 05, 2008

Why Bother?

I had written a great, great post, with links to three different Wisco newspapers. I had extremely witty comments that were, of course, central to my point. I had three musical videos to go with the three links to the papers, a combination never before done with such intelligence & care. Then, the laptop turned off. This I blame on the cat, the cat that the The Twins & I had spent the whole morning putting together a wonderful play toy, a big, wonderful play toy, actually the cat can go inside this thing & also lounge around on two elevated mesh patios, the cat who came to visit me & stepped on the on/off bar. Anyway, this has gone on long enough, the stooopid Badgers lost, the stooopid Brewers lost, & the completely stooopid Green Bay Packers lost. O, effing woe is me.


Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmm....... Save?

Ummmmmmm........ dead cat?

Anonymous said...

The double whammy of crooked refs AND umps must not deter our hopes as the Nobel Prizes are handed out. Stay near the phone and hope there are no crooked Norwegians involved.