Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Sure Rush Is Popping A Few More Vicodins This Morning


Anonymous said...

This doesn't look too promising Mr Creek. I am beginning to think our chances for a Nobel Prize are about the same as finding a VFW Post named after Dick Cheney. Our prizelessness isn't the result of some lack of merit on our part, but rather the result of a secret Scandanavian cabal that seeks to punish anyone who has eaten saurkraut and reward lefse users.

I propose that we create our own prize right here in the USofA. We could call it the Creek Prize or the Torbel Prize after a fictional character in an old Sherlock Holmes movie and we could award it to whoever we wish.

Anonymous said...

Umm - the endowment may be somewhat modest when compared with the longer established Nobel. After all, Nobel invented dynamite and we haven't invented anything - yet.