Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ralph Stanley Cuts A Radio Ad In Virginia For Sen. Obama

Yes, this Ralph Stanley. I love this song, but hope it's not what he cut for Sen. Obama. It's a bit bleak, I guess.

Actually, I posted this song because the flunk out seeing eye dog, Rocky, is no more. He was raised by Mrs. coldH2o & The Kid. The Kid was in high school when we got the Lab, the Knob, the Rockhead, the Rockstar, the Labrador Repeater (shamelessly stolen from my friend Dave G.) & now the Darling Daughter is 30 & the mother of The Twins. He lived a long life & even though after we got him back from the school, I did everything for him, including talking to him, he was completely attached to the two women. He'd hear the wife's car turn into the driveway an eighth of a mile away & be all excited hopping to the door. I'd get home, come in the house, turn on the teevee & he'd still be sleeping. It's a sad day around these parts today. Here are some pics of Rocky, with other pets & The Kid & a Baby. These are relatively recent photos. I'll be rummaging around the BillyCreek archives in the next, oh well, several years & will be posting pics of the old man. I wasn't able to say a tear filled goodbye since I screwed up the dates, I thought tomorrow was the day. Oh well, at least I didn't break down in front of the 9th grade social studies students today. Small reward, but at least a reward.

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