Saturday, October 11, 2008

The ReThug Party Has It In For ACORN

It seems like the ReThugs have found their new evil empire &, drum roll, it's ACORN, an organization of low & moderate income folks who have banded together to make sure their voices are heard. So, according to the wingnuts of the ReThug Party, 400,000 poor & moderate income people are the most dangerous group in America. This shows how awful America has become in the last 40 years. I'm sick & disheartened, I know I've said it before, but it's become a theme in my daily life & I'm not sure what to do. We will vote out the bastards in a couple of weeks, but they have literally bankrupted the country so there will only be small resources to help bring us, as a country, back on track. That's why this economic meltdown doesn't surprise me, Bu$hCo wanted this to happen.
A new class warfare front has opened in the campaign for president as Republicans mount an assault on the integrity of the nation's largest community organizing group and try to link it to Democrat Barack Obama, himself a former organizer for a different group.
Notice how the reporter subtly agrees with the ReThugs when he says they are trying "to link it to Democrat Barack Obama." Since ACORN is "one of the nation's largest community organizing group[s]", that means to me that ACORN is doing something right so why wouldn't Sen. Obama want to be linked to it? Jesus Christ on French Toast.

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