Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here's A Prime Example Of Bu$hCo's True Legacy

Wisco's biggest paper, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, has done a great job with the bisphenal A story. This New York Times editorial points out how corrupt the FDA has become under Mr. Who doesn't like regulation I don't care if a baby croaks it will be good for the economy.
The article reported that Charles Gelman, a retired manufacturer of medical equipment, had made the donation to the University of Michigan’s Risk Science Center, which is co-directed by Martin Philbert, a professor of toxicology. Dr. Philbert sits on the F.D.A.’s Science Board and heads up the board’s subcommittee that will help advise the agency on whether BPA is safe enough to use in food containers. According to the newspaper, Dr. Philbert did not disclose the donation to the F.D.A. When informed of the donation, a high F.D.A. official looked into the matter and said he was satisfied that there was no conflict of interest because Dr. Philbert’s salary was not being paid through the donation. That is an incredibly narrow definition of what might constitute a conflict.
Ya think? Oh, Charles "Perfectly Safe" Gelman has, to say the least, a lousy, criminal past, covered up by a settlement. Hat tip to The Kid over at Lucy & Marigny's place.

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