Saturday, July 12, 2008

Snow In July

Two reasons why I don't care. I hope his family has been provided adequate* sustenance.
At the White House, he turned the daily press briefing into something of a one-man show, challenging reporters’ questions and delivering hard-hitting answers, even when he was occasionally short on the facts. More than once, Mr. Snow was forced to apologize, as he did shortly after taking the job when he erroneously said Mr. Bush viewed embryonic stem cell research as murder.
During Mr. Bush’s 2006 re-election campaign, Mr. Snow raised eyebrows by using his celebrity to raise money for Republican candidates — something that by Mr. Snow’s own admission, other press secretaries had declined to do for fear of seeming too partisan.

Mr. Snow said simply that his job was to serve the president, and that is what he intended to do.

*His White House salary was a mere $168,000.

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