Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OK, Let Me Tell You

I've been lax in blogging the last few days, but I have a relatively good excuse. I had a stress test in June & it showed some questionable findings in a couple of coronary arteries. On Monday I had an angiogram. The short of it is that I had two stents placed in a couple of arteries. I had no severe chest pain problems before the procedure, but the stress test was done to see if there were blockages, since I would very occasionally find it difficult to breathe in very humid conditions. I spent one night in the hospital & now I'm home. I just can't lift anything over ten pounds for a few more days. I have to say that I received extremely good & friendly care. The Kid & The Babies came up, but I can't pick them up when they walk up & raise their little arms expecting to be picked up. Not to pun too much, but it breaks my heart to say no. The good news in all of this is that there has been no damage to the heart muscle itself & The Babies will probably get over it, especially since they can watch Cars.

Actual pictures to follow, once they are scanned.

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mr Creek for his alertness to changes in his heart function. That should be a lesson to us who have lead where our wallets should be - don't assume anything and it's not whining. Besides you will be helping some deserving MD afford a new Mercedes.