Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Great Example

This story might, pardon the pun, warm the hearts of stooopid global warming naysayers, & there are plenty of them around the country, including an overly-rich dork named Coleman in my neck of the woods. See they say, how can there be global warming when the glaciers of Mt. Shasta are GROWING? Well, dumbasses, here's how:
But for Shasta, about 270 miles north of San Francisco, scientists say a warming Pacific Ocean means more moist air. On the mountain, precipitation falls as snow, adding to the glaciers enough to overcome a 1.8 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature in the last century, scientists say.

"It's a bit of an anomaly that they are growing, but it's not to be unexpected," said Ed Josberger, a glaciologist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Tacoma, Wash.

Of course, the person saying this is just a scientist, just a person who went to college, just a person who has dedicated her life to studying glaciers. Via The Raw Story. My emphasis.

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