Thursday, November 11, 2010

Typical - Another Reason To Wonder About What Happened To America

Fortunately it might be so hideous even the Dems will reject it.
Crooks & Liars.
The Catfood Commission co-chairs are trying hard to get ahead of the untimely release of their draft proposals for deficit reduction because they are so incredibly draconian no one would possibly agree to them, much less 14 of 18 commissioners, which is what it takes to get them approved.
Mother Jones.
Obama has made some less than savvy political decisions in office but this one has to take the cake. If he ends up signing on to deep cuts in social security in exchange for some tax hikes that will be subject to revision by the next idiot Republican who comes into office bleating "it's your money!" then he will have presided over the destruction of the Democratic Party.

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