Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sports Beat

Badgers win, 34-13. The headline is a bit misleading by using the word "rally" - Jeez Louise, a 21 point win & somehow a rally is needed? Oh well, the did win & are now 8-1.

After coming in from splitting a bunch of firewood, I, in keeping with the new view, watched the end of the LSU-Alabama game. I have strongly disliked Alabama, as a team, for decades. It must have something to do with George Wallace or Easy Rider or the dipshit Sabin or irony, I don't know. Anyway, LSU won, 24-21. It was a good third & fourth quarters.

& I forgot the pro-division last week: The Packers beat the NY Jets 9-0. It was a pretty boring game, 3 field goals is all the offense could muster. I think I read somewhere that this was the first Packer's on-the-road shutout since 1991. I guess there is something to say for that. We'll see how they do tomorrow against the really lousy Dallas Cowboys, another team I don't much like, never have, for that matter. The local sports writers have put together a report card for the Packers at midseason. If you're interested, go read it.

On to the Turner Classic Movies channel, or, truthfully, on to the Arkansas-South Carolina game.  Go Razorbacks, Steve Spurrier is a first class asshat.

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