Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Is This The End?

The fruition of Alzheimer Ronnie vision of America is apparently happening tonight. In some ways we deserve it, since we did not force the goddamned Democratic Party to actually be the Democratic Party. The powers that be became so afraid of the bullshit pouring out of the mouths of the ReThugs that they became ReThug-lite in many ways. This sure isn't the country I thought it was. Yeah, I'm feeling poorly about myself right now.

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nonheroicvet said...

Cheer up Mr Creek. Your vast powers made the shitty political ads go away although it was probably a glorious time to own a TV station.. I think you are on to something with this post though regarding the establishment democratic party. Timid is the kindest word I can think of.
The Republicans have us out organized many times over. It is not in the cards for Dems to be in rigid lockstep like the Republicans, it would be nice to have a national organization that sends some resources down to the local level rather than spending it all on media ads with a commission going to consultants. Howard Dean started in this direction but the effort seems to have stalled probably at the insistance of the consultants.
Locally we have a fine group of people who are dedicated to advancing Dems but are limited to a couple of G's per year. In this election and earlier ones, Ashland County as well as Bayfield county voted almost 2 to 1 in favor of Democrats. Yet in Ashland County most of the elected offices are held by Republicans, most of our county board members are Republicans, we have had at least three do nothing (or worse) Republican DA's who ran unopposed.
I think we can count on the silver medal until there is an effort to include all levels of the party and not just the top layer buying TV ads. The elements are there, all we need to do is use our resources more effectively.

This rant probably stems from the same frustration as in your post and I could go on longer, but you get the idea.