Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Book Report(s)

Presently, I'm reading a book called Tiger, by John Vaillant. It has been nominated for a Sigurd Olson Book Award. Full disclosure: Mrs. coldH2Owi is chair of the book award committee at the Sigurd Olson Institute. I like the book so far, it is a great evocation of a landscape, both human, plant, & animal that most of us will never experience. There are at least four distinct ecosystems that converge on the Amur tiger's last holdout. The book is also a grim reminder of what happens when uncontrolled capitalism takes over a country, in this case the former USSR. The other book by John Vaillant is, The Golden Spruce. This is a great book & I urge you to get to your local library or independent/online bookstore, say, like Powell's, or ebook seller & get the book & read it.

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