Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Sure Happy About This Mining Outcome

Now let's hoped the rest of the operation goes a smoothly. Let's also hope the mining company gets it in the teeth for forcing these men into dangerous quarters for the profit of the shareholders & not the men who are the producers of the shareholder's wealth. The trouble (one of the troubles, I suppose) with mining is that the thinking, study, experimentation to develop alternatives to the actual copper, silver, etc., is retarded by the constant need for basically free profits. I suppose we will never reach a point where gold is irrelevant, since we have come to believe, as a species, apparently, that gold is the ultimate sign of wealth. See the idiotic novel by the sex-starved Ayn Rand for instance with its solid gold dollar sign as the true symbol of the true nation. I read that stupid book when I was seventeen & of course I like it since it gave me the fake opportunity to be a superman & have girls & women & men & boys & trout & salmon falling all over me, just because I was an evil, cutthroat son-of-bitch when it came to accumulating money. As an aside, I'll tell you the limits of free speech - Ayn Rand's awful books - The are the only books I have ever burned in the 61 years of my life & I had a good time doing it, while drinking a Wisco made beer(s) in the evening.

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