Saturday, October 16, 2010

Here's One Reason To Vote For Julie Lassa

The EPA sucks it up & does the good & right thing in regards to the destruction of not only West Virginia's natural world, but our, as in the American, natural world. Notice, too, how the woman spokesperson (why do these asshole corporations all have women spokespersons? What, to soften the insidious nature of their behavior?) absolutely refuses to acknowledge the environmental destruction? It's all about jobs & money, which are clearly important, but that sort of world view will lead us nowhere, & everybody knows that. To me, this world view is what is so damaging to our survival, this inability to lead, as a corporation, to a healthier life, rather than a supposed wealthier life for 250 people. Not a fair trade-off by any means. Good for the EPA. Oh, & don't vote for the pot-smoking(? - it would be criminal not to speculate) Sean "Slick" Duffy. He never met a mountaintop he didn't want to see leveled.

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nonheroicvet said...

I see the Chinese Insurance companies are spending a ton of money on ads for julie's opponent, even recruiting a semi literate cop that is a product of our local public school.