Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sound Familiar

Looks like Canada has been infected with the ReThug disease. Too bad, it's generally a great country.
Harper's response set off a series of Liberal dissections of the prime minister's character.

Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale said Harper has proved time and again that he is "mean and petty," willing to stoop to ``concocted slander."

"For the prime minister, quick, partisan advantage trumps everything else, every time, no matter the cost, no matter the collateral damage, no matter the innocent victims, no matter the truth."

Liberal MP Ken Dryden said Harper plays ruthless, hardball politics on every issue, "no matter what or who gets run over along the way."

He accused the prime minister of having "no internal compass" to tell him when he's gone too far.

For those who are wondering, yes, it is this Ken Dryden. Time for me to get the puck out of here. Who says athletes are all backward thinkers?

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