Thursday, February 22, 2007


Australian defense minister sounds like Bu$hCo.
And he savaged Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd as not understanding the gravity of Australia's Iraqi involvement.

"Today we face something which is no less a risk to our culture, our values, our freedoms, our way of life than was presented to us in 1942," Dr Nelson said.

Oh, I need to mention that Australia has 550 troops in Afghanistan & 900 in Iraq. Well, I suppose one could suggest that the present Australian culture, etc., are worth about 1,450 human lives. What bullshit. Here is one Australian paper's take:
Howard also faces widespread hostility at home to Australia’s military involvement in Iraq. To deflect criticism, he has piled new lies on top of the old ones. Prior to invasion, Howard insisted that Australian forces would not be involved in the postwar occupation. During last year’s election campaign, Howard declared that no more Australian troops would be sent to Iraq. Now despite evidence of discussions going back months, Howard insists that the latest decision was only made after approaches from Britain and Japan in the last few days.

(& what are the brave Australian troops going to do in Iraq?)
...providing Australian soldiers to guard Japanese troops,....
Contrary to Howard’s claims, the dispatch of more Australian troops to Iraq has nothing to do with helping the Iraqi people.

Going to Iraq to protect another country's troops, yeah, that's the ticket in defending western Civ. Jeebus. We are ruled by morons.


Craig Lowery said...

I hope you are including the Democratic party within the classification "morons".

coldH2O said...

No, I do not. You should know better.