Friday, July 22, 2011

My Bad

Early reports of an Islamic radical group taking responsibility for the massacre in Norway turn out to be wrong, completely wrong. I hope all the right wingers in America are proud of their European brother.
Norway Police Say at Least 80 Killed in Youth Camp Shooting

At least 80 people were killed on Friday when a gunman stalked youths at an island summer camp for young members of the governing Labor Party, the police said on national television early Saturday.

Before the shooting attack, explosions in Oslo killed seven people and wounded at least 15, the police said, according to the state television broadcaster.

After the shooting the police seized a 32-year-old Norwegian man on the island, according to the police and Justice Minister Knut Storberget. He was later identified as Anders Behring Breivik and was characterized by officials as a right-wing extremist

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nonheroicvet said...

Wow - that must have been some toxic batch of lefse.