Saturday, July 02, 2011

Another Reason To Be Just So Optimistic That We Will Be Just A-OK

Oh hell, it's just the Yellowstone River after all, nothing to worry about.  & that little ol' pipeline is only a foot in diameter anyway.
The pipeline is 12 inches wide and runs from Silver Tip, Mont., to Billings, an area with three refineries, ExxonMobil said. ....ExxonMobil said it had summoned its North American Regional Response Team to help clean up the spill, and a fire spokesman in Laurel said more than 100 people, including officials with the Environmental Protection Agency, were expected to arrive at the scene by Sunday morning.

In a statement, the company said it “deeply regrets this release and is working hard with local emergency authorities to mitigate the impacts of this release on the surrounding communities and to the environment.”
My emphases. If we just lower taxes, reign in the EPA, why, just imagine the power of the unleashing of all the entremanures on the country, why, soon enough we'll all be clinking cocktail glasses with the Koch brothers.  Man, it will be sweet, eh?  All of us hanging out, slapping backs, & laughing at all the dumbfuck liberals who worry about just minor things as clean water & living trout.

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