Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Reason Baseball Is Stupid

This is just about the worst call I've seen in all of my life. Granted, I've never been much of a baseball fan, but, really, baseball powers-that-be, have you ever heard of instant replay?  & this notion of "the human element" is just ludicrous, insanely ludicrous.  Remember that completely stupid call last year that cost a very young man his perfect game?  Yeah, we all remember the charming human element about that game, eh?  I know there are those among my loyal five (yes, 5!) readers who actually will admit to enjoying baseball.  There is no accounting for taste here in upper Wisco.  If baseball is going to survive, it needs to get its head out of its ass & allow instant replay.  There is nothing good about the human element when that idea destroys the credibility of the game.

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nonheroicvet said...

Bad call alright. But a change to instant replay would be the end of civilization. (Even though it kinda sucks at the moment)