Monday, June 27, 2011

Out Of It, I Mean Town

I've been away from the north of Wisco.  I was in the south of Wisco enjoying some good dead cow, sheep, chicken along with a great & tasty variety of dead vegetation.  I also got to tour Taliesin,  knock around some very old haunts at the UW, including, as my good friend B said, a very prestigious 10 Langdon St.  I guess the prestigious part was in my mind, but, hey, it is lakefront property with a small number.  I had a great time, but, sadly, was unable to personally give Walker the finger.  That would have been icing on a wonderful, but too brief, sojourn into a sort of super-reality.  Had fun.  I'll post some photos later.

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nonheroicvet said...

Attended the midwest renewable energy fair in Custer on Friday June 17. It was great, has grown considerably since its early days and is much more mainstream in that the mainstream has caught up with wind, solar, geothermal and other alternative energy pioneered by the fair back when the fair was most likely a communist plot.

We reserved a room in Wausau for Fri night because Point was booked and on the way to our motel we stopped by Gander Mtn to look for some fishing stuff. There were a bunch of protesters by the parking lot but on the city sidewalk and three State Patrol officers standing at the entry to the store and while it seemed a little odd but we went about out business and soon forgot about it.

It wasn't long though and I heard a sound kind of like the clapping and barking of trained seals (Gander's staff). Near the checkout was a small room with some TV cameras, the three State Patrol, at least three city cops and all were focused on Scott Walker who was signing a bill to kill bears or something. I went to the checkout and mentioned to the beaming young lady that her store had a bad smell about it. She stopped beaming and I left. (The finger thing never occured to me, a once in a lifetime opportunity missed.)

Outside the store were a forlorn looking man and a woman holding the US flag and the Wisconsin and noone else supporting the Walker machine. There were at least two city patrol cars also.

All being serenaded by about 100 protesters who seemed to be having a very good time and also had strong lungs. It was fun.