Monday, June 06, 2011

News From FitzWalkerstan - Corrupt Election Division

J.B. van Hollen, Wisco's AG, spent millions to jail two, that's 2, that's II, Roman style.  You get the picture.  The goddamn ReThugs are do their very best to deny the right to vote to the very citizens that will probably vote against them. & now, where is J.B. while his ReThug friends are attempting to corrupt the recall elections about to happen?  Where is J.B.?  The moron probably doesn't even care. Heh.


nonheroicvet said...

Yes - those vote fraudsters are so diabolical they cannot be caught or identified.

coldH2O said...

Yep, & yet, J.B. lets Walker walk on a long series of campaign violations.
Plus that moron Sen. Fitzgerald is all for the fake Dems running in a primary. WTF? The educational system in Wisco has failed.