Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birds, Birds!, BIRDS!!

We just love the Evening Grosbeaks that congregate at our many feeders during the winter months.  The males, in particular, are welcome since their wild & bright yellow eyebrows are a relief from the white & gray & black of our snowy time. We've noticed there haven't been as many Evening Grosbeaks the last few years.  This is a sadness we truly feel, in fact, the species has declined a remarkable 91% since the year I graduated high school.

It seems that the Greater Scaup is also in trouble.  A 75% decline since 1967. I admit that I enjoy duck hunting & these diver ducks are fun to shoot.

The Northern Pintail, Loggerhead Shrike, & Field Sparrow fill out the top five, but I suppose it's a misnomer to describe a list like this as top, nonetheless, this is not a good thing.

Go to the Audubon website, here, to find out what you can do about this.  I am extremely pessimistic about the future lives of these birds, among many, many other sentient beings, including, of course, us.

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