Monday, May 02, 2011

Not That It Matters Much, But Here Is What I Think

I guess I'm supposed to say something about the murder & burial at sea of Osama bin Laden.   Well, here goes:  If justice was done, as President Obama stated last night, it appears to me that justice comes from the barrel of a gun.  The glee that some commentators expressed last night because "we" had the body was creepy.  bin Laden was an asshole, a bad guy, but I doubt he was Hitler.  It's always OK to call people like bin Laden Hitler, but not people responsible for many, many more deaths of men, women, & children (I'm thinking of you, Bu$hCo.).  Osama is gone, but I doubt his money is gone, or his family in Saudi Arabia, or Saudi Arabia, for that matter.  Let us not forget that the majority of the attackers on nine-eleven were from Saudi Arabia.  If, in fact, justice is done by violence, then what's the point of a system of laws?  A system where the most powerful, the state, is required to prove their case to a jury of other people?  While I don't grieve at the death of Osama, I do grieve for the future of America if, in fact, justice will continue to be done with bullets.


nonheroicvet said...

Glad to see that Ol' Barak follows the nonheroicvet maxim that if someone f---s with you they must pay a price.

reflectionswi said...

It's a sad thing but sometimes there is no other way. He had the chance to surrender and decided to go to his 27 virgins.