Friday, May 27, 2011

Nina Leopold Bradley, R.I.P.

She's dead.  Ms. Bradely made Wisco great, along with many others.  The little men, &, sadly women, who currently rule Wisco, if they could read, should take what she & her father have said.  I hold almost no hope that this will occur.
Nina Leopold Bradley continued the legacy of her famous father - renowned environmentalist Aldo Leopold - but in every sense of the word made it her own.
A lifelong naturalist and researcher, she returned in 1976 to the family land where Leopold recorded his observations of nature in the 1930s and 1940s, published as the seminal "A Sand County Almanac" after his death in 1948. Bradley continued those observations, finding clear evidence of how plants and animals were responding to climate changes since her father walked the same land.
Her work was published in 1999 by the National Academy of Sciences, "in one of the first published studies that species were responding differently to climate change," said Buddy Huffaker, executive director of the Aldo Leopold Foundation.

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