Tuesday, May 24, 2011

News From FitzWalkerstan

Scott Walker, a college drop-out, can now veto administrative rules promulgated by college graduates & experts in their area of public policy.  Yay, let's be like Alabama & allow one whitetail deer a day for a season that lasts, oh, let's see, all year, yeah, that's the ticket.  This is one more example of how Walker & his ReThug minions are destroying a once great state. While the proposed rules were under the legislature's oversight, a good thing in that it is the legislature that makes the laws & they would have a much better appreciation & ability of how to make sure the rules supported the law.  Walker just wants everything to himself & what about those agencies that have constitutionally elected heads?  Will the Dept. of Education kowtow to Walker?  The Department of Justice?  I sure hope not. Walker is just a fucking worm. an invasive fuxking worm.

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nonheroicvet said...

We must serve the Krupp -- oops -- I mean the Koch family.