Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ok, I'll Believe It, But I'd Like To Know The Source Of The Great nonheroicvet's Magic

I assume the Kloppenburg sign looked something like this:

Now for the magic, which I know little about. Did the magic come out of something like this:

Or this:
Or, did you forage, for something like this in order to develop the magic:

Did you talk or communicate telepathically with this guy?

Or maybe you bought into this crabby old bastard's story & became magical.  I think I just may have slurred a wonderful guy, accept my uncrossed fingered apology nonheroicvet. 

Maybe you watched a Rocky & Bullwinkle marathon on the teevee?  If you did, I'm pretty angry at you for not calling me up so I could watch the teevee as well.

I could see how the magic could drift over the suburbs of High Bridge if the sign looked like this:

What ever the magic, nonheroicvet, you & D. should pat yourselves on the back for the great work you've done over the years. 

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nonheroicvet said...

The Brewers won yesterday - want more proof? The last picture is quite inspirational.