Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cornel West Is Right On

Cornell West is no lightweight.  & he is expressing what a lot of people are feeling these days - namely, that President Obama as sold out.  It's almost as if the wealthy bankers put the president in a room & "educated" him on what they want & how what they want is good for him.  It's sad.  I've said this before but I'm going to say it again - Mr. Obama was not my first choice, I considered him too much of a centrist.  I thought, because of a few votes, that he might actually turn out to be an historical figure much like FDR.  Given the economic mess he was given, I thought maybe he would do the right thing, the thing he promised toward the end of his campaign for the presidency -  a bottom up recovery.  Well, not so much, eh?

Princeton professor and famed black intellectual Cornel West has long been a supporter of President Barack Obama, but he’s recently changed his tune.
In an interview last week, he suggested that Obama has sold out and become “a puppet” of powerful interests, merely promising change and not delivering. West warned that this would trust the U.S. into a “democratic awakening” the likes of which the nation had not seen in decades.
Appearing on an MSNBC panel recently, West remained outspoken.
Amid a very heated discussion of whether President Obama is doing enough for black people in America, he called the president “another black mascot” of “Wall Street oligarchs.”

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