Thursday, April 07, 2011

Let The Fraud Begin - We Wiscoites Now Have Our Own Katherine Harris

This is disappointing, really disappointing.  If this stands, JoAnn Kloppenburg will have to pay for a recount herself.  I think she should do it.  I still find it hard to swallow that a ReThug election official "suddenly" finds 14,000 votes on her private computer.

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nonheroicvet said...

First a Republican Supreme Court sends Scott Jenson's felony conviction back to Waukesha County for a retrial and the Republican DA plea bargains it to something like littering with the blessing of a Republican judge. Now the Republican Waukesha County Clerk pulls 7500 or so votes for Prosser out of her nether areas.

I would say that the Waukesha Mafia is alive and well.