Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I've been having a fabulous time out here. I've only been here a few days & look what the city did:

Nice, eh?

I also did some cool recreating while visiting Seal Beach. Here I am just entering the surf.

BIKINIS!!! - You'll notice the two bikini-clad young lovelies in the background observing my kite boarding.

Here I am just zipping along.

More zipping.

Actual oranges on a real tree.

More oranges, real oranges on real trees. &, these trees are found in people's yards, not an orchard.

& roses are blooming in sunny CA, along with other flowers. Damn.

& for those of you who have given up all hope, here is what green grass looks like.

I'm a bit concerned, however, that the good time may be coming to an end. I fear they may have located me.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are great, but your comments are the greatest! It is very good to see green grass!
Say hello to Bob for me...
Your Sister---Beth

nonheroicvet said...

Say hi to Jed, Elly Mae, Granny and Jethro for us if you see them. (Especially Elly Mae)