Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Real patriots, these morons.
Authorities unsealed charges Monday against nine members of an armed militia group, accusing them of seditious conspiracy and attempting to deploy weapons of mass destruction, in a case that highlights a strain of extremism focused against the federal government.

The Michigan-based group, known as the Hutaree, allegedly had plotted to attack a law enforcement officer and then detonate improvised explosive devices to kill more officials gathered for the first officer's funeral procession. Members of the homegrown Christian militia accumulated weapons and explosives to target employees of the federal government, the law enforcement "brotherhood" and other participants in what they called the "New World Order," the indictment says.
& what is it about dirty, fucking hippies not liking the cops?  I can't wait for the right-wing to start talking about events that happened 40 years ago, as if they happened yesterday in MI,  IN, & OH.


nonheroicvet said...
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Reminds me of a line from the movie Yellowbeard where pointing out Captain Yellowbeard's good points, his wife said that he helped people go to heaven sooner than they otherwise would.

Seems this group is waiting to fight the antichrist and since the antichrist is taking his or her or its good sweet time getting here, they would kill some cops to keep their hand in, so to speak.

I predict that one day after the real danger from these nuts is gone, there will be some great comedy shows generated.