Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Roman Catholic Church - Hateful Bastards

I don't think this moron, Federico Lombardi, understands what the words "swiftly" & "decisively" mean. It is just criminal what the Roman Catholic Church has done to the world. The whole bunch at the Vatican should be tried by the World Court for crimes against humanity. One obvious problem is that they keep electing Nazi popes. The present Nazi also has a brother who also likes to abuse children.
A bishop in Germany on Friday acknowledged sexual abuse of members of a boys' choir in the southern city of Regensburg that was directed for 30 years by Pope Benedict XVI's elder brother Georg Ratzinger.
The following Lombardi has this to say the shitheads running the Roman Catholic Church:

Now it is true that some people, particularly those living in Wisco, believe Vince to be god, me, I'm not so sure.  Actually, I'm an atheist, so I think he was just a very good football coach.

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nonheroicvet said...

Speaking of shitheads how about Saint Bart a congressman just to our east screwing up healthcare reform. None of the above are as bad as Liz Cheney though. She is as crazy as her father.