Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Out Of Three Is, Well, 0.3333333333333333

I don't really follow the Brewers, since baseball is so boring, but they have won something. Good for them. I guess the umps were not cheating today. The Brewers beat the Chicago Cubs 3 - 1, while the New York Mets collapsed for the second year in a row by losing to the Florida Marlins.  Congratulations Brewers. 

The Wisco Badgers, however, tanked, after building a substantial lead. & Michigan really sucks this year. Rotten refs. Here are two quotes from Badger players, the first from Jonathan Casillas, a linebacker & the second from DeAndre Levy, another linebacker.
"I'm confused right now," Casillas said.

"I'm baffled," Levy said.
That about covers it. Final score: a non-confused, non-baffled 27-25.

& the Green Bay Packers, now they will miss Brett Favre if they haven't already. What many of us predicted, I know, we are DFH who predicted the debacle that is now Iraq & Afghanistan as well, Aaron Rogers is hurt. Favre is still starting football games, only in a green uniform & I don't mean organic. Four turnovers mean the refs cheated & the Packers lost, 30 - 21.

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Anonymous said...

Milwaukee will be a very wet town tonight. I see the wisdom of being ambassador to South Milwaukee.